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What is the Whitney Project?

The Whitney Project is an interactive, economic justice program focused on developing and advocating for a present-day Marshall Plan for Black America. The program will take a deep dive into the major issues facing African Americans and discuss realistic solutions. The program will also sharpen three major tools necessary for advancing and advocating policy issues – advocacy, agenda and action.
The Whitney Project is named after U.S. civil rights leader, Whitney M. Young, Jr. who spearheaded the drive for equal opportunity for blacks in U.S. industry and government service during his 10 years as head of the National Urban League (1961–71) one of the world’s largest social-civil rights organizations. Mr. Young was an effective and powerful advocate. His advocacy of a “Domestic Marshall Plan”—massive funds to help solve America’s racial problems—was felt to have strongly influenced federal poverty programs sponsored by Democratic and Republican administrations in Washington.

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