The Agenda for Black America
Past and Present​

Course Details

The Whitney Project consists of six hours of interactive curriculum divided into two, three hour sessions. Participants will begin the two-day course will after reading and analyzing pre-selected readings from Whitney M. Young, Jr. and others on the historical and present conditions of African Americans.

On the first day, participants will discuss the issues facing African Americans and receive training on the art of advocacy.

On day two, participants will learn about the process in drafting a policy agenda and the steps necessary to keep that agenda on the minds of the elected officials they target.

Finally, participants will break into teams and begin drafting a “Marshall Plan” for Black America.

The structure of the class will be focused on lectures and in-class exercises conducted by the award winning advocate and attorney, Don Cravins, Jr., and guest lecturers. In-class exercises will place participants into groups to participate in mock advocacy exercises focused on drafting policy agendas and advocacy with local, state and federal officials.

The Black American Experience – Past and Present
The Art and Science of Advocacy
Preparing an Modern Day Marshall Plan for Black America

The Agenda for Black America
Past and Present​

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